New Giants Print For A New Giants Championship

Celebratory personal piece about the 2014 World Series Champion SF Gaints

Celebratory personal piece about the 2014 World Series Champion SF Gaints

When my SF Giants improbably, astonishingly won their third World Series title in five years I immediately (as in hours after the victory) took to creating another commemorative painting. I had so much pent up energy I had to release it some way and this painting, 3 Ring Circus, is the result. It celebrates seminal moments from the 2014 post-season run to the title. Did that really happen?

Just as I had done with the prior two championships, I’m now offering limited-edition signed prints. You’ll find them in the store. The painting is acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″. It took three weeks to do and I’ve documented the process, below.

Here’s the sketch, enlarged at Kinko’s, and ready to be traced via carbon paper onto the canvas. Typically this is the stage in the process where I’m totally jazzed.

Detail of Madison Bumgarner transfer to canvas and in the background, Michael Morse.

4 Pablo Sandoval was really hard to draw. I wanted to show him grabbing the final out of Game 7, where he collapsed in exultation, but the reference material of that moment was pretty sparse. My drawing kind of sucked at this stage.

6 When a painting is really busy and complicated I often start working in some area that just looks interesting. For this one it was the arches behind right fielder Hunter Pence.

7 Rats, it soon dawned on me that Pence was too large in the composition. Even my sense of odd scale relationships has its limits. I sanded away the original Pence drawing and redid him smaller.

12 Next I blocked in large areas like the sky, stadium. grass and dirt.

13 My studio: cramped, cluttered but cozy.

14 In a way painting is the act of constantly making decisions, small and large. I  considered having the sky graduate from dark to lighter along the horizon of the stadium. Here I’ve done a test on the right and also to the right of the large glove. Ultimately rejected this notion.

Typically this is the stage in the process where I’m wondering what went wrong.


Matching the sky color from this photo.

15 Here’s the final sky and the beginning of painting the players, starting with star starter (and reliever) Madison Bumgarner.

16 Mad Bum, finished.

17 Left fielder Travis Ishikawa, also finished. He’s throwing down his helmet, as he did when he rounded third base after hitting his historic walk-off home run-  The Giants Win the Pennant! The Giants Win the Pennant!

18 Even at the painting stage I had trouble getting Sandoval’s likeness. I must have sanded away three or four faces.

19 The players on the left are done, now those on the right and the fans in the stands are still to be completed.

Typically this is the stage in the process where I’m totally burned out and just want to be done.

20 Detail of the three corks, from 2010, 2012, and 2014 exploding. 3 Ring Circus lowThe finished painting. Now that Sandoval’s bolted for greener pastures (or monsters) perhaps Isihkawa is actually throwing his helmet down at the Panda for leaving.