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New Giants Print For A New Giants Championship

When my SF Giants improbably, astonishingly won their third World Series title in five years I immediately (as in hours after the victory) took to creating another commemorative painting. I had so much pent up energy I had to release it some way and this painting, 3 Ring Circus, is the result. It celebrates seminal moments from the 2014 post-season… Read more »

Fall Harvest…almost

This paintings was slated to run as  the cover of The New Yorker for the week of November 10th but got bumped by the news. It’s inside the magazine instead.

Fun and Games in Congress

I’ve been fed up with Congress for a loooooong time and this week I have the distinct pleasure of showing what clowns, fools and charlatan’s we the people keep electing. Here’s this week’s cover of The New Yorker. We get what we vote for, alas.

Derek Jeter Bows Out Cover

The great Derek Jeter is retiring at the end of the month (sorry Yankee fans but I don’t see them playing in October). It was a real privledge to get asked to submit sketches for this cover. Casting A Long Shadow Art Editor Francoise Mouly thought this cover would most likely run towards the end… Read more »

Dogs Rule, Nonchalantly, Now Available!

My new book is now out in the world, hopefully at a bookstore near you. You can also order it on Amazon. So far we have gotten some amazing reviews on the book. Please check them out in your abundant free time: Bocci’s Beefs Blog Critics 4 the love of dogs The Writer’s Dog BookTrib